Browse car-related sounds to determine problem! With a entire sound library for car problems. Now you can go to the mechanic with some home work on your side!


Know your local gas prices instantly without driving around.  With price maps, trip calculator, price charts & fueling insights in one place.


Easily make your own comic strips, now how cool is that! With a hefty selection of characters and backgrounds let your creativity run loose!


For how long will your food or beverage stay safe and tasty? With recommendations on best ways to store it & ability to post specific questions.


Find out the best possible way to glue two things together! Great help for art or home improvement projects, since majority of projects are gluing something!


Spreadsheet data into an interactive map in seconds! You will see those spreadsheet numbers in a way like never seen before.

Tune into stations around the globe by drag and drop! With a robust selection of stations from all over the world you can simply turn the globe and go where you like & pick what you want!


Prevents you from using websites you want to cut down on. Makes a bookmark of sites you wish to abstain from.


Lost any of your product manuals, find it here in seconds. When was it that you found a manual for something you purchased last year? This is the place to start looking.


Shows an educated guess of what and how much your browser knows about you! Something interesting to know while visiting web sites.


Keep your audience awake during presentations with graphs and interactive maps. Lets you turn the endless boring text into some thing visual.


Allows you to stay on the top of your monthly budgeting quickly. With ability to automatically sync up with your accounts budgeting changes are real time.


Allows you to compare two food items on basis of calories, carbs, fats and so so instantly. Also list the food variants.


Capture share screenshots of mobile or desktop screens instantly. Great for sharing bug reports and oddities experienced on your screen.


Print any web pages with the nonsense chucked out. Helps saving time to figure out the best print options to prevent the extra clutter of being printed.


Helps you see best seats on plane to identify the desirable ones. Complete with flight, rental car booking & guru advice. 


Draw on any map and share in minutes to communicate. easily create embeds, images, and map data.

Share your screen for meetings with anyone on the other side. Great for spread out collaborators or team members.


Analyze web site performance to see what is slowing it down. With page speed, size and load time you have enough data to start finding solutions.


Get options  finding sites that are similar to sites you like. Nice to see what else is out there similar to something you already like. More the merrier!


A search engine claiming to be the world’s largest people search! Helps search for people by email address, social usernames or phone numbers.


Find what can be made for “meals” with what  ingredients you already have in your house. For times when you are too tired to go grocery shopping and want to fix a quick meal with what you got.


Edit images with fun features such as multiple fonts, text shadows, text curves, overlays, robust clip art gallery and more for free!


Browse millions of eBooks, audios, videos, software online. Numerous reputed libraries are members and searchable. Absolute must know for researchers and seekers!


Have emails sent after you die! This is really a site!!! You write a few e-mails and choose the recipients. These emails are stored privately until they’re sent. Your switch will email you every so often, asking you to show that you are fine by clicking a link.

To capture “meeting minutes” online here like never before. To make sure time isn’t wasted, and that everyone knows what was said, who decided what, and what needs to be done next.


Powerful free online “OCR” to convert different images to text! With multiple language support this is a great free tool to convert those images into text. 


Split “PDF” pages online & convert between A3, A4, A5 page sizes. Have you ever wondered how to fix those two pages per sheet scans? This is it.


Solve math problems and balance chemical equations online! Great for students and teachers. Makes learning all the more fun.


Plan your next vacation or “trip” making a detail itinerary online. Allows you to forward all those confirmation emails from hotels, flights, rentals and so on and give you an organised itinerary.


Instructions to delete any of your social media accounts! To remove those accounts you no longer use or simply want to not have anymore.


Simply find hex color code for any spot on your image. You do not need to guess the image colors any more, having the exact hex vale will make any design project all the more fun.


Resize any image online in seconds by pixel or scale  like a pro. Allows you to resize multiple pictures as well. Cropping, flipping and rotation also available.


Download tough to find older version of popular software. If you are having troubles finding older versions because they are simply not there any more, this is the site to search.


Absolutely great deal catching web site, multiple updates daily. Helps you find deals year round and not just during holidays.


Helps you to find when your favorite fruits and vegetables are at their peak of ripeness. Just type in the item you want to know about. You can even search by month of the year to find out what’s ripe right now!


Site to review charities with top 10 list and donor tips. Great resource for potential donors who do not know where to start?


Download free computer software from huge available selection. No toolbar’s. No clicking next. Just pick your apps and go.


Crowd sourced study library, with over 400 million flashcards, notes and study guides from students. Make and share study materials, search for recommended study content from classmates, track progress, set reminders, and create custom quizzes. Join 15 million students.


Great resource with ideas on making & saving money, card and bank bonuses, gift cards and latest financial deals.

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