Thankfully in the world of WordPress there are a ton of great themes already available. Most of these themes fit most of the use cases. These great themes can easily be downloaded from the Plugins -> Add new in the /wp-admin area.

However there are times when we have to choose the color combinations that would.

  1. Match our over all website type
  2. Be easy for the user to consume
  3. Have a very edgy look
  4. Make the users feel welcome
  5. This list can go on and on…

I personally am not great in choosing color combinations and I leave it to the experts. Thankfully there are websites today that have a range of color combinations with hex codes to choose from. It is pretty much like going to a professional painter who will have a set of matching color pallets for your house – walls, ceilings and so on.

Here are some great sites. Hope they help!


Best of luck!

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