Before I begin, I just want to state that I am not recommending the changes mentioned below as an official guide for fixing Add This load time.

Purpose of writing this post is simply to share what I did about my problem and this should in no way be considered a fix or considered OK to replicate, just an update on what I did.

I noticed my web site would load. How ever the share buttons would take a little while to show up.

I used to get some performance data.

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On doing some research online I found help on the add this web site here

<script type="text/javascript" src="//[Your Profile ID]" async="async"></script>

What I gathered from the above article was to identify where my code was loading the addthis_widget.js and make it asynchronous, i.e. simply add a async=“async” as an extra item to my script tag.

I then started looking around in the plugin code myself how ever there were many files and I was not sure what file was loading the addthis_widget.js.

Then I installed a very cool WordPress plugin called String Locator what this really does is tell me where in my code a certain string lies. Something very standard in most programming editors. A simple Ctrl+f. I think this plugin is simply spectacular.

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On viewing the file wp-content/plugins/addthis/frontend/src/services/addthis.js I saw some code that was building a script element to load the addthis_widget.js

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Then to my best programming knowledge, I changed this code to include the asynchronous call, again this should not be tried, just an update on what I did.

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I saved the above changes and ran a follow up test on

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