Folder structure (tweak as per requirement)

image.png can be any image name/format (tweak code if different)

import sys, os
import os.path
imgfile  = "/home/z/Documents/ConversionUtil/Image/image.png"
ipfolder = "/home/z/Documents/ConversionUtil/Input/"
opfolder = "/home/z/Documents/ConversionUtil/Output/"
for file in os.listdir(ipfolder):
    filename = file[:file.rfind(".")]
    print "Converting file " + filename
    cmd = "ffmpeg -loop 1 -y -i {0} -i {1}{3}.mp3 -shortest {2}{3}.avi".format(imgfile, ipfolder, opfolder, filename)
    print "Ececuting command: " + cmd

Command to execute

python /home/z/Documents/ConversionUtil/Script/

On successful completion find video files in folder

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