Remember how much fun it is explaining how we used the rotary phone or what a VHS is or how dial up internet worked! or times when there was no such thing as the internet. The sheer amazement and disbelief on their faces make it all the more exciting to explain what these things are.

Below are some of the Vintage Magazines Issues available on today that is an absolute must-read.

Vintage Technology – January 2008

Features Nintendo, the origin of emoticons, history of Pac-man, portable turntables, 1970 novelty radios, Commodore disk drive troubleshooting, and repair.

Vintage Technology – February 2008

Features robots of the 80s, the first pocket TVs, and early computer viruses.

Vintage Technology – March 2008

Features Tandt CoCo, a mouse running on wheels! sinclair calculators, first one-way texting and adjusting old tv monitors.

Vintage Technology – April 2008

Features first computers under 100 pounds, collectible hard disks, Sanyo calculators, vintage hi-fi headphones, retro games and tech party

Vintage Technology – May 2008

Features video games, calculators, radios, TV’s, audio, Commodore PET, handheld games, led clocks and personal radios.

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