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How to Render Images or Text in Circles Using Simple CSS?

Have you ever wanted to render your images or text such that they appear as though they are circular or … Read the rest

Free WordPress Plugins Everyone Should be Aware of

WordPress plugins – There are a tons of them. They are everywhere! Is there a list of plugins that has … Read the rest

How To Have Custom CSS for a Page In WordPress?

Have you ever wanted certain page on your WordPress site to look different, i.e. use a different css on for … Read the rest

How Did I Fix My Add This Button Plugin Load Time Issue In WordPress?

Before I begin, I just want to state that I am not recommending the changes mentioned below as an official … Read the rest

Amazing Web Sites You May Have Never Known Existed!


Browse car-related sounds to determine problem! With a entire sound library for car problems. Now you can go to Read the rest

25 Cool Office Toys Available On Amazon, You Probably Din’t Know Exists

Here are a list of some office toys available on Amazon. To add a little fun to your desk and … Read the rest

Websites To Get Full Time Work From Home Jobs

Are you looking for work from home jobs in the right places?

If you are “looking” or are “just curious” about “full time work from home – remote jobs”, … Read the rest

Bookmark Default Wi-Fi Router Login Details

Have you ever wanted to set up or simply change your Wi-Fi settings but forgot your default router login detailsRead the rest

How to make a professional logo for free in 7 easy steps!

Countless businesses with no in house logo creation expertise, $0 to no budget for logo creation or simply not … Read the rest

How to choose color combinations for your website?

Thankfully in the world of WordPress there are a ton of great themes already available. Most of these themes fit … Read the rest

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