This articles assumes you have installed WordPress and you have your-site/wp-admin screen ready for building your web site.

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How to set up and host your WordPress website for free!

The admin area is a vast topic in it self. To keep this article simple we will go over some key areas of the admin screen that will help you get your site off the ground.

Choose a theme

Appearance -> Themes -> Add New

On this screen you can search for multiple themes and install and activate them. Try a few and see what best fits your needs. I personally like this phase of having fun with trying various available themes.

Customize appearance

Appearance -> Customize

On this screen you will see a left hand navigation that will guide you through the various aspects on site theme customization. Here you can change logo, site colors, custom css, widgets to name a few.

Apply a site logo and favi-icon

You will be surprised how easily can you make your logos online using these free tools

Great free tools for image editing online!

Add some quintessential plugins

Must have Free Plugins for WordPress


Under the settings options you can further choose site URL’s, time formats, user accounts, media and permalinks to name a few.

Once you are satisfied with the above you can launch your site from View Site tab, now you should have a basic site up and running now sky is the limit as to how much more you can build and enhance it.

Best of Luck

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